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HOMOBESITY is the sometimes hilarious and sometimes sad story of Connor, who has spent forty years living in a world in conflict with his fat gay body. It's the story of his struggles for self-acceptance and for acceptance from others, where his homosexuality came up against resistance in his Irish Catholic home and school, and where being thin evaded him in a society antagonistic to fat people. He tells the story of finding himself welcomed in communities of straight men, and then finding new aspects of himself in the little-known world of gay fat fetishists online and in London, and he explores the highs and lows of his experience of having weightloss surgery. In this one-person show, which premiered at Brighton Fringe 2022, and then had a run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in London, and most recently was the opening event in the Curiosity Shop, queer theatre series at the Nutshell in Winchester, Connor narrates a series of raw, but also humorous, episodes in his life, showing how his body and the world's reaction to it shaped him as a person. It’s a show that’s a lot about being fat and a lot about being gay, but it’s a show that should resonate for anyone who has ever felt that they don’t fit in in the world where they’re living.

Content warnings: Strong language, adult and sexual themes, eating disorders

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International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

1st - 6th May 9:00 pm at the Outhouse Theatre on Capel Street

(4:00 pm matinee on Monday and Saturday)

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